Teaching reviews

Robin is a gifted instructor. It is very rare to find someone with such a depth of experience in such a technical and academic field who also understands the business and practical implications of their work. I have used her work often in my own curriculum and use it as a reference in my professional work. Its great to have talent like her's available in this field, and I hope to work with her in the future. Leala Abbott, via linkedin 

While Robin and I did not work in the same department, I had the pleasure of working on library-wide committees with her. Whether Robin served as Chair, committee member, or ex-officio, her knowledge base, skills, and vision served as invaluable assets to the success of the committee or task force.  Currently, I have the opportunity to still learn from Robin as she continually examines emerging technologies. Her ability to communicate and explain the inner workings of technological tools has contributed to my own professional development. She effectively uses social media to share her knowledge, advice, and skills to her colleagues throughout the United States -- Anna Van Scoyoc, 2011, via linkedin. 

 Robin has developed and taught several professional development sessions for our campus through our office. Her expertise in Social Media has given us the ability to give timely and pertinent information for those new to this medium. She is always willing to share her expertise and entertain discussion on needed topics. The participants have consistently given her high ratings on her teaching. -- Judy James, 2011, via linkedin. 

 Libraries are always having new staff and this [cataloging tutorial] could be very helpful. Thanks. - Library System Administrator, 2009

The class you co-taught in the April 23/April 30 sessions, Blogging and Tweeting, was very informative and engaging. This was a very popular session, with attendance from most UGA Libraries departments. All in all, the session was a great success! Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise and enthusiasm. Without your assistance, this program would not have been as successful. ---  Libraries Learning 2.0 Committee, 2011

 lnspired by the many ways you and your colleagues are using Web 2.0 technologies to connect with students and professionals, attendees are likely to start engaging in some new behaviors as Facebooking, Tweeting and Ning-ing become part of outreach activities (and vocabularies!). - Professional Development & Research Committee, 2010


Book review

What if you do not really need (or care) to comprehend the intricacies of this new Internet paradigm but simply want to know enough to use it to help your library patrons find and use online information more effectively? A good place to start would be Robin M. Fay and Michael P. Sauers' Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Libraries... its main goal is familiarize librarians with specific, practical technologies they can use to harness the power of the Semantic Web. -- T.J. Lusher, Northern Illinois University. 


Work with Faculty

You have provided invaluable assistance to me, particularly with your help on the videos at CTL and with OER. I plan to start using an OpenStax textbook in the fall semester this year. You have been instrumental in making this move. Your knowledge and readiness to help have always made my interactions with you very fruitful.  -- ATCx3 Consortia Faculty


I decided to send this message to you to thank you for your assistance in straightening out the errors in the cataloging of my five books which I have donated to the library. You have been most helpful and kind. Thanks to you, the problems I was concerned about have been full taken care of. You patiently listened to me when I explained that my books had not been properly cataloged; you asked intelligent questions; you took the time to obtain the books and go over them yourself; you asked more questions of me; you recognized what the problem in the cataloging was; and you then took the necessary steps to correct the problem. You went to a lot of trouble and you were willing to spend the necessary amount of time necessary to deal with the issues I raised. Although I don't know you and have never met you, you treated me with respect and you acted with a genuine desire to find out what the problem was and to correct it; and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of this.In this day of huge, insouciant, even unfriendly bureaucracies, you have proved to me that University employees are different and fully capable and willing to listen to the public and address their grievances. The University is lucky to have you working here. I am extremely thankful for your assistance, and that is why I have written this message, which I ask you to show to your supervisor so that he or she may know what happened in your dealing with me. Thanks, again, Ms. Fay. -- University of Georgia, Faculty Member, Emeritus, 2009