Metadata work

Linked below are metadata best practices and schemas that I have contributed to:

Metamoon project

Metamoon was a grant funded freelance metadata project for the Digital Library of Georgia and Georgia HomePlace. The first collection to be cataloged under this project was the Gainesville Tornado and Hall County Historical Photographs; later projects included the Sanborn Insurance Maps. The project ran from 2005-2007. Photographs and maps were cataloged using LCSH and following established NACO guidelines. A local authority database (NAME) was created as an immediary between NAF and this project.


Notes on these documents: I was part of the initial moonlighter group contributing high volumes of records. I was also the last of the moonlighters on this project. This body of work (project overview, statistics, metadata analysis) is  taken directly from my emails and project notes. In all I cataloged about 2500 photographs and maps. It is provided to demonstrate competency and evidence of work. Names, dates, and other personal identifying information have been redacted. Additionally, supplementary information has been provided in brackets [ ].